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There are many people out there that need help, and we are here for them. We want to shed light on the good and bad aspects of the financial services industry. Hopefully, our listeners will find themselves more informed and better prepared to achieve financial success.

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Retirement Planning (15:33)

How much do you really need to retire?

Retirement Planning (11:52)

We discuss all the ins and outs of retirement planning.
Retirement Planning (12:09)Cont.

Retirement Planning (11:14)

03/04/2015Financial Pitfalls (15:54)Pitfalls and mistakes that people make on their road to financial success.
Financial Pitfalls (11:02)Cont.
Financial Pitfalls (12:32)Cont.
Financial Pitfalls (11:24)Cont.
01/14/2015Wealth Transfer (15:20)The baby boomer generation and the large wealth transfer that will take place over the next 30 years.
Wealth Transfer (12:20)Cont.
Wealth Transfer (12:04)Cont.
Wealth Transfer (11:01)Cont.
11/12/2014401K's (15:33)What is the fiduciary responsibility of a 401(k) Plan Provider?
401K's (11:37)How to protect yourself … for both the plan provider and the participant.
Obamacare (12:20)The finances of Obamacare and what it means for America.
09/29/2014Investments (16:20)Investments vehicles you could end up regretting.
Investments (11:15)Red flags to look for when talking with an investment “professional.”
Investments (11:21)The Glass Steagall Act and what it means for today’s investor.
Investments (11:11)Cont.
06/04/2014Financial Advisor vs. Financial Salesperson (14:40)How to avoid being taken advantage of in the financial services industry. Who can you trust and what questions so you need to ask your financial professional.
Financial Advisor vs. Financial Salesperson (12:16)Continued
Financial Advisor vs. Financial Salesperson (13:27)Continued
Financial Questions (11:57)What question you should be asking your financial professional at your next meeting.
04/23/2014Retirement Distributions (15:21)How to take money out of a portfolio wisely. What will be the impact of taxes?
Retirement Distributions (11:23)Continued
Retirement Distributions (11:51)Continued
Retirement Distributions (11:41)Continued
03/12/2014Deficits and Debt (16:23)Yes, it’s another show about debt…because as Americans, we LOVE DEBT.

Deficits and Debt (13:39)

State Pensions (12:51)State pensions are dramatically underfunded, what impact could this have on you in the future.
Govt. Spending(10:27)More ridiculous government spending examples.
02/12/20142015 Baby Boomers(15:13)What affect with this generation have on the economy. The changing demographics will have an effect on several aspects of the market, make sure you and your portfolio are prepared.
Baby Boomers (12:44)Continued
Baby Boomers (12:58)Continued
Baby Boomers (11:27)Continued
11/20/2013Solutions Show (15:27)We provide potential solutions to the problems our country and economy face, including the national debt, deficit ELIMINATION, Social Security, and many more.
Solutions Show (12:28)We walk through the entire financial planning process and help you avoid making some of the most common mistakes along the way.
Solutions Show (12:13)Continued
Solutions Show (12:13)Continued
10/09/2013Debt, Debt, Debt, Debt... (15:01)Our government just loves debt, when will it end, if ever?
Debt, Debt, Debt, Debt... (11:51)How much of our national debt are YOU responsible for?
Debt, Debt, Debt, Debt... (12:12)A history lesson, our nations historical relationship with debt.
Debt, Debt, Debt, Debt... (11:39)How much debt do we really have? When you include unfunded liabilities (which is basically the definition of debt) the number is actually much larger than the 17 Trillion dollar the government actually admits to owing.
10/02/2013Government Shutdown! (14:58)How will the government shutdown effect your finances? It probably won't.
Government Shutdown! (13:06)It's all about Obamacare!!!....Actually, no. It's not.
07/31/2013Financial Windfalls (14:07)What to do when you win that $400 million Powerball jackpot…or maybe you just received an inheritance. Either way we will educate you on how to properly handle a financial windfall.
Financial Windfalls (12:55)Continued
Financial Windfalls (11:51)Continued
Financial Windfalls (11:17)Continued
05/03/2013Pre-retirees (14:00)We focus our discussion on pre-retirees...What do you need to know and what should you be doing in the 5-10 years before retirement?
Social Security (10:00)We discuss the Social Security situation and help you determine how much you can count on it in your own retirement.
Retired? (13:15)If you are retired, this segment is all about how to begin taking distribution in the most tax advantaged way. Don't think that just because you are retired that your financial planning is done.
LTC (11:15)Why it is such an important part of your retirement. Who should have it and when is the best time to get it?
04/05/2013Financial Services Industry (14:01)A candid discussion about the “dirty little secrets” of the sales side of the financial services industry.
Financial Services Industry (10:00)We discuss what to look for when listening or watching financial “programming,” either on radio or TV.
Financial Services Industry(13:15)Financial seminars, what to look for so you don’t fall for the old “bait and switch.”
Asset Allocation(11:15)We discuss the important aspects of asset allocation. It is not just whether you own a “good” investment, it is just as important that the investment fit your portfolio.
02/22/2013Financial Designations (14:00)A candid discussion about the most common designations and what you, as a consumer, need to be looking for.
Financial Designations (10:00)Industry concerns about designations with the word "Senior" in them.
Financial Designations (13:15)With the abundance of financial designations in existence, which ones matter?
ROTH 401K (11:15)Do you have a Roth 401K option in your retirement plan? Should you be taking advantage of it?
02/15/2013Financial Planning  (14:03)What is a financial plan? Do you need an "all-encompassing" written financial plan or just certain components?
Financial Planning Process (10:01)It's not all about the numbers, it's also about building a relationship.
Financial Planning Components (13:15)Estate planning, asset allocation, education planning, retirement needs analysis, tax planning, and much more.
Retirement Plan Integration (11:15)Incorporating your employer's retirement plan into your personal financial plan.
01/25/2013401K Plan Providers/IPS Review (11:15)We discuss the need for retirement plan fiduciaries to review their plan's Investment Policy Statement and review other fiduciary responsibilities that should be addressed at the beginning of the year.
01/04/2013Investment Theory (14:02)Taking the emotion out of investing and other sound investment principles.
Investment Theory Continued (10:00)Our discussion on the differences of investing vs. trading. We also talk about the importance of limiting losses.
Our Investment Criteria (13:15)We share some of the criteria we look for in an investment. We also discuss the importance of Investment Policy Statements.
12/21/2012Budgeting (14:03)How to prepare and track your budget and get the new year started on the right foot.
Budgeting (10:02)How to avoid the most common budgeting mistakes.
Financial Planning (13:16)How to achieve that year-end resolution to get your family started on a good financial plan.
Gifting (11:17)'Tis the season of gifting! We discuss some of the IRS rules on gifting and give you some creative ways to gift your assets.
11/09/2012Who's Teaching Personal Finance To Your Kids? (13:58)The US education system is woefully lacking in teaching our children the principles of basic personal finance. Parents, it's up to you.
Personal Financial for High School Kids (10:02)High school kids/parents, this segment is for you. We talk about financial fundamentals that every child should know.
College Education Planning (13:16)A discussion of the many investment vehicles used to save for college. Which one(s) are right for you?
Self-Directed Brokerage (11:16)Does your retirement plan offer self-directed brokerage? If they do, should you be taking advantage of it?
11/02/2012Proprietary vs. Independent, Part I (13:56)A behind the scenes look at how proprietary investment products/services are offered in the financial services industry.
Proprietary vs. Independent, Part II (10:04)A discussion of the advantages of working with an independent advisor/firm and the few potential pitfalls.
Roth IRAs and Regular IRAs (13:25)The different aspects of Roth and Regular IRAs. Do you know which one, or combination, is best for you?
Retirement Plan Fiduciaries (11:19)Retirement plan fiduciaries face a myriad of potential liabilities. We discuss how to determine IF you are a plan fiduciary and how to help limit your liabilities.
10/26/2012Financial Advisor Compensation, Part I (13:22)The positives and negatives of a commission-based financial advisor.
Financial Advisor Compensation, Part II (9:36)The positives and negatives of a fee-based financial advisor. Reasons why the fee-based model is a win-win for investors.
Advisor/Client Conflicts of Interest (12:27)A discussion on various situations that can create a conflict of interest between client and advisor.
Investment Policy Statements (IPS's) (13:33)A clear definition of an IPS and why it is crucial for both retirement plans and individual investors.